Virtual Production Studio by Silvertown Studios is the newest and most exciting method of filmmaking methods. Virtual production is the latest in technological advances to progress the film and TV industry. “Virtual production is where the physical and digital worlds meet.”

Virtual production studios offer a chance for real-time surround live production where visual effects have no barriers, resulting in them both occurring simultaneously.

Virtual Production Studio London

  • 6,000 sq ft
  • 18m × 19m × 5.5m
  • Sound Treated
  • LED Volume
  • Dedicated Internet

Multi-use acoustically-treated, blacked-out drive-in studio in the heart of london designed for film, TV productions, virtual production, live streaming & events.

Our virtual production Studio is located in London’s Royal Docks. We are pleased to offer our studio space for hire along with our high end on camera LED screen volume to allow you to create a set, movie, advert, promotion, live stream and more.

The studio is fully sound proofed and completely blacked out, the studio is 6,000 sq ft with drive in access. The studio is ideal for film shoots, television productions, music videos, product launches and even interactive sets, live streaming, virtual production and more.