80six is a leading video technology company providing high-end equipment and world-class technical services for virtual production, film & TV drama, live entertainment, broadcast, (e)sports and corporate events.

Virtual Production Studios provides an ideal platform for filmmakers, cinematographers, directors, producers and creatives to shoot in-camera VFX using LED.

An 11,743 sq ft. purpose-built virtual production & mixed reality studio with bespoke LED stages and the latest real-time technologies (camera tracking, game engines, media servers) for delivering in-camera VFX (ICVFX) or xR (extended reality).

Virtual Production Stage

Our Virtual Production Stage / LED Volume comes in varying shapes & forms, up to 8m in height.

From 180-360-degree LED Volumes, that wrap around the talent, to four-sided LED cubes or straight LED walls with 90-degree returns, we can custom build your LED Volume to meet your production requirements & budgets. Our versatile approach introduces a more cost-effective & sustainable approach to virtual production, by not wasting money & power on unnecessary equipment.

xR Stage

xR stages immerses talent and performers in virtual environments where they can see and interact with the video content in real-time.

Real-time engines, camera tracking, LED screens and virtual set extension are combined to transport talent into an immersive virtual environment; one where they can move around and interact in real-time with content displayed around them.