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Registering is completely free, and gets you added to the network of suppliers for film crews to call upon when needed.

FAME Pro has worked on over 6,000 productions of all sizes, handling budgets in excess of £2 billion in under 10 years, you can be a part of our story.

We nurture innovative suppliers, and foster enduring relationships to ensure you get the opportunities you want.

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What Happens Next.

Our friendly team will guide you through the process.

1. Registered

Your location details are uploaded to our database, ready to be chosen when the opportunity arises.

2. Shortlisting

When we receive a filming brief from our clients, we shortlist the local locations that match, at this point you may be contacted by us to book your location on behalf of the production.

3. Recce

The clients typically look to arrange a recce of the location as well as requesting further details, we assist in the smooth running of communications between all parties.

4. Payment

Once filming has finished, payment is processed usually processed within 4 working days. We also appreciate any feedback you may have during the filming process.

What We Are Looking For

Check out some of our top recently sought after location examples.