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Why Join the Network

FAME Pro is dedicated to revolutionising the way location scouts and managers work with filmmakers and photographers.

We offer a unique platform that not only connects you with potential clients but also provides a range of services designed to enhance your professional capabilities and income without any hidden subscription fees, we earn when you do.

File Pull (Beta)

Our clients can request a file pull from our network of experienced scouts and managers. This service allows you to earn extra income by providing valuable information about potential filming locations.

Peer Collaboration (Beta)

Location scouts and managers can request location information via Fame Pro. Whether its understanding the logistics of a public site or negotiating fee for a property, our network allows you to get the information you need from trusted colleagues.

Hire a Scout/Manager

Clients frequently need on-the-ground assistance. Fame Pro makes it easy for them to hire scouts and managers for their projects. By joining our platform, you open up new opportunities for collaboration and extra income.

Location Research

Share your brief, and we’ll provide a shortlist of locations tailored to your requirements. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll conduct office-based research for free. A finders fee is chargeable at the time of payment.

Location Data Requests

Fame Pro will send out surveys to our network of scouts and managers to gather information about various locations. This data is then made available to you for free, enhancing your knowledge base and decision-making capabilities.

General Help and Advice

We’re just a phone call away! Whether you need guidance on navigating the industry, advice on location scouting, or assistance with any other aspect of your work, our team is here to help.

Register As A Location Manager

At FAME-Pro, we believe in the power of collaboration to elevate the entire film-making community. When you register as a location manager with us, you become part of a vibrant community of industry professionals working together to provide the best service possible.

What is a file pull and how do I set my price for it?:

A file pull is a service where you provide specific location files and quotes for requests that come to FAME Pro. You can set your own price for file pull requests. We charge a 20% commission or a minimum of £20 on each transactions, however the fee is capped at £250, ensuring you receive fair compensation for your efforts.

How do I participate in mapping friendly locations?

You can participate by taking part in our surveys, which gather valuable insights on film-friendly locations. Your feedback is crucial in helping us improve to filming experience for all. Invitations to participate in surveys will be sent to you via email, or you can simply email us at any time with your experiences on a location.

How does FAME Pro connect me with work opportunities?

Let us know your preferred areas of work, and we will connect you with relevant opportunities. We charge a 10% commission at the time of payment to ensure a fair and transparent process. You’ll receive notifications of suitable jobs in your operating area directly to your account and via email.

What is the process for location research?

Share your brief with us, detailing your specific location requirements. We will provide you with a shortlist of locations tailored to your needs. If our database doesn’t have what you’re looking for, we will conduct office-based research for free. If we are successful and find you the ideal location, a finder’s fee is chargeable at the time of payment and for transparency the amount will be broken down on the quotation and booking confirmation.