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FAME Pro is the UK’s premier platform for sourcing a wide variety of film locations at competitive prices. Regardless of your production budget, we are dedicated to securing the best deals and providing a tailored location research service to meet your specific needs. We are passionate about helping filmmakers realise their creativity, utilising our extensive knowledge and experience to save you both time and money. Let FAME Pro be your trusted partner in finding the perfect location for your next project.

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Finding that perfect shot.

From locations starting at £250 a day to higher-budget scenes, whether you’re an independent filmmaker, advertising agent, charity, or student, we work with anyone in need of a filming location. FAME Pro is the fastest way to secure your desired shoot. Tell us what you need, we’ve got you covered.

Getting your property discovered.

Whether you’re a business or private property owner, manage council land and property, a filming location agency, or a holiday and letting agencies, FAME Pro is the platform for you. Our straightforward registration process involves filling out a short form, within 60 seconds your property could be readily available for filmmakers to choose from.

Supporting Location Managers

Join FAME Pro’s Location Managers Network to connect with filmmakers and photographers, enhance your professional capabilities, and increase your income. Enjoy benefits like file pull services, peer collaboration, job opportunities, and comprehensive location research. Become part of a community that values and rewards your expertise.

How It works.

FAME Pro has worked on over 6,000 productions of all types and budget sizes. This experience has led us to develop a fast and reliable system that will find you the best location in the shortest possible time. We’re passionate about helping filmmakers and photographers be creative and whatever your project, get started in just 3 simple steps.

Your Requirements

Fill in our short form or call us on 01903 905223 to tell us what locations you’re after. Our star team are here to help.

Matching your Brief

We’ll check availability and costs against your requirements with our location suppliers and tailor our services to fit your needs.


Receive a shortlist of locations fitting your requirements and budget, we can assign you a location manager upon request.

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