Make your film location search simpler

FAME Pro is built for film and photography professionals.

Use it to find and manage filming locations faster and more efficiently.

What can you do with FAME Pro?

Find filming locations

  • Access 1000s of locations across the UK
  • Identify, contact and confirm locations fast

Promote Locations

  • Reach more filmmakers and photographers
  • Manage requests and bookings efficiently

Manage film permits

  • Simplify the application and management process
  • Raise revenue from the film industry

Who's it for?

Location & letting agencies

Promote your properties if you are a location agency or a letting agent

What people are saying…

The easy to use, tailor made software makes it simple to manage filming applications, for both the customers and ourselves with prompting emails sent when an action is required.
The team do an excellent job of carrying out most of the tasks leading up to an application, and their extensive experience within the filming industry makes everything continue to run smoothly from start to finish.

How does it work?

Not quite as you might expect…

FAME Pro is a service and a software platform built on years of film-industry experience. We have an impressive database of UK filming locations and industry suppliers.

In our experience, browsing locations listings devours your time: photographs and contact details are often out of date, critical info isn't there, and when you do get hold of someone you discover it's not available anyway. We remove all that hassle.

With FAME Pro, you submit a location request and within 36 hours, you receive pre-qualified location options that work for your schedule, budget and requirements. No scrolling for hours, searching for contact details or waiting weeks for replies.

That's why with FAME Pro, you can't browse directly. It might not be what you expect, but we believe it's the most time and cost-efficient way to get what you want.


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