Virtual Production Studio in London & LED Stage.

Our virtual production studio in London brings the unimaginable to life. Ramaz Studios virtual production facility is powered by Unreal Engine, creating worlds from within using the UK’s finest LED wall. Looking to book our virtual studio for your next production? View our studio availability.

Experience the excellence of Ramaz Studios, an acclaimed independent virtual production studio in London. We cater to year-round film, TV, and video production with cutting-edge LED wall technology and state-of-the-art facilities. There are unlimited creative possibilities.

Our expertise shines in various projects, from film and music videos to fashion shoots. Enhance your visuals with our captivating LED screen backdrops for drive-in scenes and corporate advertisements.

Enjoy top-notch amenities at our virtual studio, like green rooms, production areas, changing rooms, onsite parking, and complimentary Nespresso coffee, ensuring a seamless and immersive shoot experience.

  • Air conditioning
  • Free parking
  • A great crew
  • 4 x 4 green room facilities
  • Meeting room space
  • Changing Room Facilities
  • Shower facilities
  • 4m shuttered drive-in space
  • Free tea & Nespresso coffee