We receive numerous requests for locations that enhance the action and drama in a script. Sussex’s varied range of landscapes, architecture and historical buildings offers a wealth of options to choose from to bring a screenplay to life. 

The region’s rich history ensures we have historical landmarks aplenty! The castles, ruins and stately homes scattered across the county create a sense of timelessness that’s difficult to achieve in modern settings. Sussex also boasts a diverse range of architecture – from the charming twittens in Brighton to the period feel of Lewes – offering a sense of contrast from one scene to the next.

Sussex’s landscapes and coastlines take some beating – the rolling hills of the South Downs, the tranquillity of the Ashdown Forest and miles of beaches from Selsey to Camber Sands.

Netflix’s action-drama “Anatomy of a Scandal” – Seven Sisters Country Park

Chamber Pictures contacted us to facilitate the production of Netflix’s action-drama “Anatomy of a Scandal” – the 2022 six-part drama based on the novel of the same name. The series focuses on a scandal amongst Britain’s privileged elite and the women caught up in its wake.

Production loved the coastline view from the top of Seven Sisters Country Park – a popular location for filming less than two hours from London. The area is made up of chalk cliffs (part of the South Downs), expansive landscape and a river offering long views out to sea and across the grasslands. Located between Seaford and Eastbourne, the 280-hectares offer a dramatic backdrop with stunning views.

Ahead of the scheduled day’s filming, we arranged access for Production to shoot multiple scenes on the cliffs and beach below – coordinating permits and organising a unit base at a local yoga studio. We also ensured that the crew of 30 and cast of three were effectively briefed on H&S while on location and followed the cliff safety advice provided by the South Down’s National Park.

Production filmed a flashback section early in the series with the main family on the beach with the white cliffs in the distance. Production also took to the cliffs and filmed a short scene where Sienna Miller’s character ‘Sophie’ takes her two children on holiday but isn’t joined by her husband; the children play on the open, green space while ‘Sophie’ is seen talking on the phone with the sea in the distance. 

The sweeping coastline and vast landscape featured in the flashbacks adds action to the scene and drama to the dialogue that comes before and after that section (tense courtroom interchanges). The locations used to enhance the script fantastically support the storyline and continuing shift in dynamics between the main characters.

Our Location Manager John Alflatt was on site throughout the shoot. 

“The shoot was incredibly well planned and recce’d in advance – we planned a route with adjacent landowners, so we had an accessible base. We also had great access to Haven Brow, one of the Sisters [cliffs], to allow for the Honeywagon and cast’s trailers.”

While Production didn’t need any other operational areas, Seven Sisters Country Park houses two hamlets featuring an agricultural barn with water and toilets and a camping barn which could have been used as a canteen etc.

John added,

“The timing of the shoot was perfect – we wrapped and exited the site minute perfect!”

Seven Sisters Country Park is one of many locations we’d recommend for filming scenes needing action-drama. From Sussex’s rich history and diverse architecture to its picturesque landscapes and coastline, the region provides prime locations for filmmakers wanting to add depth and intrigue to their productions. Whether it’s a tense action sequence set against the backdrop of the coastline or a dramatic confrontation in the shadow of a historical landmark, Sussex offers a unique and compelling canvas to work with!

If you need support in sourcing a location, please email hello@sussexfilmoffice.co.uk or call 01903 885379.