With its charming towns, rolling hills, dramatic coastline, and historic landmarks, Sussex offers a diverse range of settings perfect for filming. From the bustling streets of Brighton to the peaceful countryside of the South Downs National Park, there’s no shortage of awe-inspiring locations to choose from –  perfect for action-packed and emotionally charged dramas.

Beachy Head is a magnificent filming location that boasts some of the most breathtaking views in Britain. At 162 metres above sea level, it is the highest chalk sea cliff in the country, and its undulating coastline and stunning scenery make it an ideal location for dramatic filming. The two famous lighthouses add to the drama and intrigue of this stunning location.

Beachy Head offers a unique blend of natural beauty that has attracted numerous filmmakers over the years. Whether you’re looking to film a tense cliff-side scene or capture the beauty of the English coast from the air, Beachy Head has everything you need.

In 2020, Channel 4’s  psychological drama ‘Close To Me‘ shot scenes at Beachy Head, featuring Belle Tout Lighthouse, Beachy Head road, and stunning drone shots of the rugged cliffs. Starring Connie Nielsen and Christopher Eccleston, Beachy Head was a dramatic and fitting addition to the tense series. The striking cliffs, with their untamed quality, perfectly reflected the intensity of the drama. 


Bracklesham is a charming village on the south coast of England, boasting a picturesque shingle beach and stunning views over the Isle of Wight. The tranquil beach provides a beautiful backdrop for any emotive scene.

The Channel 4  female-led drama anthology series ‘I Am’ added a powerful new episode to its collection in 2022. Starring Kate Winslet as concerned mother Ruth and Mia Threapleton as her teenage daughter Freya, the episode explores the dangerous effects of social media on young people. To capture the intense emotions of the scene, ‘Me + You Productions’  chose Bracklesham Bay Beach as their location. Against the stunning backdrop of the sea, Kate Winslet delivers a powerful performance as Ruth, walking along the shore.

Seven Sisters Country Park

Seven Sisters Country Park is an impressive location, with its iconic cliffs, beaches, and diverse landscapes, it is a popular destination for filming and photoshoots.

The park covers over 280 hectares of majestic  white cliffs, with the highest peak standing at 253 feet, offering phenomenal views over a dramatic coastline. With such an abundance of natural beauty and variety, Seven Sisters Country Park offers filmmakers endless possibilities.

The spectacular Seven Sisters Country Park provided a stunning backdrop for the hit Netflix thriller series ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ in 2020. The series delves into a scandal amongst Britain’s privileged elite, and ‘Chamber Pictures Ltd’  required a breathtaking location for a flashback scene. Featuring acclaimed actors Sienna Miller and Rupert Friend, the striking beach and cliffs provided a sense of awe-inspiring scale to the production. 


Petworth is a charming market and antiques town that boasts spectacular natural scenery. Known for its art galleries, antique shops, and independent boutiques, Petworth is a hub for creativity and charm. With over 700 acres to explore, Petworth offers filmmakers stunning vistas and charming English architecture – an  ideal location for action and drama productions.

Petworth’s timeless and winding streets feature in an  episode of the hit Netflix series ‘The Sandman’. Based on the Marvel/DC comic books by Neil Gaiman, production company ‘Absolute South’ required a nighttime scene of two characters walking along a period dressed street. Petworth’s cobbled paths and period architecture provided the perfect setting adding an air of mystery and intrigue to the scene. As the show’s popularity continues to soar, Petworth’s enchanting streets have proven to be an ideal filming location for productions seeking to capture a sense of timeless allure.


Shoreham is a picturesque town that offers a diverse range of filming locations for action and drama productions. This historic town is home to a busy harbour, a stunning waterfront, and bustling streets. With its close proximity to the South Downs National Park, Shoreham is a highly sought-after filming location for productions seeking to capture the essence of the English countryside.

In 2019, we facilitated filming for ‘A Solid Bond’, a short film set in the 1980s,following the story of a boy growing up in the suburbs. Working again with ‘Absolute South’, production took advantage of Shoreham’s various streets, as well as the dramatic backdrop of Shoreham bypass for a fight scene between two gangs.

Shoreham’s versatility as a filming location was also showcased in the web series “I Killed Molly Monroe”, a retrospective crime documentary about the demise of a fictitious model and social media influencer. We coordinated filming for the series for ‘Zodiac Entertainment Ltd’ in 2021 across various Shoreham locations, including the footpath alongside River Adur, where evidence of the “crime” was found. With its mix of urban and natural settings, Shoreham offers a wide range of options for filmmakers and can help to elevate any action or drama project to the next level.


Worthing is a seaside town which offers a range of backdrops for filmmakers, including a gently sloping shingle and sand beach, a five mile promenade, an Art Deco lido building, and an iconic pier with a regal 1920s  pavilion. Worthing provides an ideal location for filmmakers looking to capture dramatic scenes.

One of the many productions we have facilitated  in Worthing is feature film ‘Living’ (2021), alongside location manager Ben Gladstone. Starring Bill Nighy, the drama is set in the 1950s and follows the story of an ailing London commuter who travels to the coast to reassess his life. Worthing was an ideal setting for the storyline, and filming took place along the beach, capturing the essence of the era, and inside the Lido Cafe.


Peacehaven is an ideal filming location for those looking for dramatic and breathtaking scenery. The area boasts stunning views over the nearby South Downs National Park, offering filmmakers an incredible backdrop for their productions. The rugged and imposing landscape of the area, combined with its wild and untamed natural beauty, make it the perfect setting for drama. Whether you’re looking to create a tense thriller, a gripping drama, or an epic adventure, Peacehaven has the potential to provide the perfect location for your project.

One notable production we facilitated here was for the Amazon Prime series ‘The Devil’s Hour’, starring  the talented Peter Capaldi. ‘Hartswood Films’ shot  along the stunning Peacehaven cliffs and on the clifftop in 2021, adding to the already intense and thrilling storyline. With its dramatic and imposing views of the nearby South Downs National Park and the English Channel, it’s no wonder that Peacehaven’s unique landscape has captured the attention of many filmmakers and photographers.


Eastbourne is a hidden gem for filmmakers seeking a picturesque and versatile filming location. The award-winning seafront boasts a stunning pebble and shingle beach stretching over three miles and with the iconic Beachy Head cliffs only a short distance away, the location adds grandeur and awe to any drama production.

In addition to its natural beauty, Eastbourne is also a fantastic overseas double location. With its classic English seaside charm, Eastbourne doubles for  a range of other coastal towns around the world. The town’s architecture, which spans from Victorian to Art Deco, also adds to its versatility as a filming location.

Season five of the highly acclaimed Netflix drama ‘The Crown’, was partially shot in Eastbourne, providing an apt backdrop to the show’s gripping storyline following the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The picturesque seaside town provided a stunning location for filming through ‘Leftbank Pictures’, with scenes being shot along the seafront, promenade, and Beachy Head Road. The iconic Queens Hotel also played a significant role in the series, featuring both its exterior and interior. The rugged and dramatic landscape of the beach and cliffs complemented the tension and intensity of the show, making for a perfect match.

If you’re looking for action and drama in your next production, Sussex is the perfect location! With its diverse range of landscapes, rich history, and stunning natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Sussex has become such a popular location for filmmakers from around the world.

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