When you think of the film industry, you might think of Hollywood – home of the Oscars and star-studded Walk of Fame. At Sussex Film Office, we think of Shoreham!

Once the seaside equivalent of Hollywood, Shoreham is a unique coastal town steeped in film history. It’s fort, built in 1857, was converted to a film studio in 1915 and for almost a decade Shoreham led the way for British film-making.

Glamourous actors who would vacation on the coast were in ready supply having later inhabited ‘Bungalow Town’ on Shoreham Beach – including Joan Morgan who starred in Little Dorrit (1920), filmed at the studio.

Shoreham airport was founded in 1910 and with its Grade II listed hangar and history of housing military aircraft it’s provided a notable filming location over the years; it’s appeared in The DaVinci Code and Netflix’s The Crown. 

Heritage aside, Shoreham’s shingled beach is a local nature reserve and the remarkable River Adur contains an abundance of wildlife with various woods, parks and green spaces nearby.

Serving all year round and ~50 miles from the M25, Shoreham provides some of the most popular filming sites in Sussex; contact us via email or call on 01903 885379 to talk about your next shoot.