If you’re planning a fashion shoot, finding the right location can take time – trawling Instagram for ideas, checking Google Maps, submitting enquiries and film permit requests to reflect your brief. Sussex has numerous beaches, landscapes and properties available for fashion shoots to meet every type of shoot, from catalogue photography and high-end fashion to street fashion or an editorial shoot.

Shoreham is one of our top locations for fashion shoots, perfect for coastal shots, providing many brands with the best backdrop – the beach!  Here are a few of our favourites from recent months to inspire you, ahead of your next shoot…

boohoo took to Shoreham beach and a private property close to the front for a Debenhams marketing campaign. The shoot took place over two days with a crew of eight people and a cast of four. The production team wanted a coastal location to support the creative concept of a summer shoot and Shoreham happened to be the best location for the scenery and the mood board they were working to.

Great Plains also had a base at a house in Shoreham. For this shoot, they filmed on the beach intermittently throughout the day and got some brilliant shots! We have many properties on our books that back onto the beach – with gardens opening on to the shingle.

The White Company shot their latest Christmas brochure at a property where the garden backs onto the beach. With a handheld camera, tripod for laptop/digital op, scrim and flags to control daylight, they captured some wonderful shots inside and out.

A lot of brands film at nearby property and make use of the landscape and beach for additional content. Giorgio Tsintoukidis-Dirkx made use of Shoreham beach while on a fashion shoot for Net-A-Porter x LG at a nearby house.  With a crew of four and a cast of two they got some brilliant shots with minimal handheld equipment. Ella Gardner also used a property near the beach for Mint Velvet’s AW22 catalogue – a small production with an eight-person crew and one model.

FatFace captured a slice of Summer with their short film promoting their Summertime collection! “Sunny days, warm haze, weekend stays and salty waves – is there anything better than summer? We think you’ll be Summer Lovin’ with our new range of tops, shorts, sandals and swimwear.” It certainly gave us all the feels…

Shoreham’s beach huts up and down the shore provide the best backdrop for stills. The splashes of colour against the white panelling with the blue skies and views out to sea make a popular choice for photographers. Some huts on our books offer access inside which really opens the possibilities for a day’s shoot. 

The Production Factory took a small crew and shot around one beach hut to get the best shot for Cotton Traders campaign “The Shirt”.

Monsoon took props to the beach for their fashion shoots. With three models, nine crew, a campervan, Land Rover and some Sussex sunshine they got some great shots! As well as shooting Women’s fashion, Monsoon also used the location for a children’s campaign photoshoot for their high summer collection. As a team of 15 including cast and crew, they setup with the campervan as a backdrop as well as shooting in a private property nearby.

Shoreham’s shingled beach houses a local nature reserve mapping 26.2 hectares and the remarkable River Adur featuring an abundance of wildlife; there are various woods, parks and various other green spaces. This versatile location serves all year round and with easy access from London it is open to filming/photography; booking is quick and easy from point of enquiry to confirmation. 

If you have an upcoming shoot and need help sourcing a location – drop us a line. As well as Shoreham we have lots of location on our books to meet your brief: hello@sussexfilmoffice.co.uk. We offer a breadth of support provided by Sussex Film Office to all clients, new and existing.