Assistant Location Manager Tino Pharaoh contacted us back in October as he was on the crew for the filming of the second series of Tell Me Everything. As part of a two series deal with ITV, Tell Me Everything is currently in production for its second series, produced by Noho Film and Television in association with ITV Studios and created by Mark O’Sullivan.

Rooted in truthful observations about life growing up in the 2020s, the show highlights some of the very specific challenges faced by this generation, and the related effects on their mental health.

Picking up where the series left off in series 1, we discover that Jonny and his family have moved to Hitchin – a new house, new college, and a fresh start. Jonny is continuing his journey of recovery, and has started to make friends with other students at college – Naisha, Dylan, Ella and Bex. Ella is impulsive, often putting herself in dangerous situations. Naisha is newly single, and although she claims to be happy about this, she’s often the third wheel to best-friend Dylan and his boyfriend Tommy. Dylan has spent several years of his life in care and he is staying at best friend Naisha’s, despite hating the feeling of being the charity case that this gives him. And Bex, who is also new to Jonny’s college, is unsure of herself around this new gang. Together, they face the highs and lows, trials and tribulations of teenage life at Hitchin college.

On the filming side, we sorted filming permits for Market Place and Windmill Hill, as well as arranging parking at the town’s Christchurch car park.

Season 2 is set to return to our screens on ITV2 and ITVX in 2024, so keep your eyes peeled!