Presenting our New Productions Funding Hub Platform

Following the SAG-AFTRA strikes, film production in the UK came to a standstill last year. Thousands of crew were left without employment and questioning their future in the industry. This year we’re determined to make a difference. As a step towards this goal, we’re thrilled to announce our new funding platform – ‘The Creators Funding Hub’. This innovative service is designed to aid productions looking for investment, assist investors in finding valuable opportunities, and provide a platform for emerging talents in the industry.      

What Sets ‘The Creators Funding Hub’ Apart?

This is a complimentary service that enables you to showcase your production and seamlessly connect with potential investors. We use our vast network to spread the word and amplify your project’s visibility to a community of supporters. Whether you are pursuing traditional investors or exploring crowd-funding options, our team is here to guide and support you at every stage.

How to Get Started?

If this platform interests you, whether you’re a filmmaker seeking funding, an investor looking for exciting opportunities, or simply curious to learn more – get in touch with our wonderful team today!

We can’t wait to make a positive difference this year, and are excited about the potential impact this platform will have. Let’s work together to achieve success in 2024! 

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