Unexpected increase in council revenue from film permits

23rd May 2022

Towards the end of last year, The Guardian published a news piece interviewing local authorities, highlighting Councils' plea for more government money post-pandemic. In February Councils in England were given access to a share of £54.1 billion in funding for the coming financial year, to help them maintain and improve the services they provide.

Forward-thinking Councils in England have been reaping the rewards of using FAME Pro, pre-pandemic to date.

Adur & Worthing and Eastbourne Borough Council has seen an increase in revenue year-on-year since they started using the FAME Pro film permit management service in 2017. This is despite the pandemic restrictions and many film projects being cancelled or postponed in 2020/21. Another Council has seen a ten-fold increase over three years.

FAME Pro is used by Councils to simplify the processes involved when issuing permits or managing requests to film or photograph. It's also used to effectively market potential filming locations and services.

An efficient film permit management service works threefold for Councils. Not only does it generate extra revenue, but it also boosts the local economy with demand for local business and employment opportunities - film productions need local facilities, services and suppliers. It attracts tourism too with free publicity off the back of popular and successful films.

More councils can enjoy an unexpected increase in revenue from the film industry by using the cost-free FAME Pro film permit management service - find out who's using it and/or email us to request an information pack.

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