Terms and Conditions

This agreement applies to Utilise It and the services it offers. Before setting up an account, each user must read and agree to this agreement.


"The Company" is referred to Utilise It (UK) Ltd

"Users" refers to all persons accessing the website (non registered user)

"Owner" all registered users who rent out their goods and services on www.utiliseit.com

"Hirer" all registered users who hire goods and services from www.utiliseit.com

"Rental Agreement" an agreement made between the owner and hirer
General Provisions

1. Scope of Provisions

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (the Terms) govern the relationship between Utilise It (UK) Ltd of 10 Tarrant Street, Arundel and a registered user (User) of the Service (defined below).

2. Our Services

2.1 The Company provides a service to rent out a collection of products and services via the website that enables Users to rent directly between themselves. The Company does not hold stock and offer owners to register their services on the website as an online hire system only and is not a contracting party in the concluded Rental Agreements which are solely between individual Users. Such agreements will be between a User renting out goods and services (owner) to a User hiring those goods and services (the hirer).

2.2 "User" within the meaning of the Terms includes each person, firm or company who is registered to use the Service including to procure information or to initiate or carry out rental transactions irrespective of an intention to enter into an agreement as hirer or rental supplier. The Company has no control over the quality, safety or legality of items listed and/or the truthfulness or accuracy of the rental listings, or the ability of hirers to rent or pay for the rental of any items. Any deposits or guarantees required by the owner in whatever form, remains the sole responsibility of the hirer and owner. The Company is not responsible for the collection, retention, or refunding of any deposit, for the control of the exact identity of the owner and the hirer, or for collecting money owed by the hirer to the owner or by the owner to the hirer.

3. Registration

3.1 All Users must be 18 years or over and able to form legally binding contracts.

3.2 All Users must agree to be bound by the Terms Use of the service when registering with The Company. If the User's details change following registration, the User must update the details in their account immediately or, if this is not possible, immediately inform The Company in writing of the changes.

3.3. Upon registering and within the prescribed technical requirements, the User must specify a user name and a password to access the data. The user name must not be such that its use could infringe third party rights, in particular registered or unregistered trademarks or name or labelling rights, or be in any way illegal or immoral. The User is obliged to keep the access data secret and protect it from unwarranted access by third parties. If the User loses their access data, or if they know or believe that their access data is being used by a third party, the User must communicate this to The Company immediately.

3.4 By submitting the registration form, the User offers to enter into a contract with The Company governed by the Terms and confirms that they are entitled to use the Service in accordance with the Terms.

3.5 Utilise It reserves the right to decline the User's registration without giving reasons.

3.6 Utilise It has the right immediately to block a User's account at its own discretion:

a) if false statements were made by the User when registering;

b) in the case of loss or suspicion of misuse of the access data by any person;

c) if the User has breached any of the Terms; or

d) if any serious act by the User gives Utilise It reasonable grounds for so doing. In the event that a User account is blocked by The Company, the User concerned is barred from re-registering and opening a User account with The Company without the prior and express written consent from The Company.

4. Cancellation Rights

Cancellation of a rental booking can be done by e-mailing info@utiliseit.com or send by post to Utilise It, 10 Tarrant Street, Arundel BN18 8DG

The Hirer may cancel a rental booking before it has been accepted by the Owner, at no cost. However, If a deposit has been requested by the Owner, this amount will not be charged to them when such a cancellation occurs.

Once a rental booking has been accepted by an Owner, the hirer might still have the option to cancel the rental and the corresponding Rental Agreement, depending on the Owners terms of the Rental Agreement. If a deposit has already been charged, the Hirer may not be reimbursed for it.

If a Rental Transaction is cancelled by the Owner after having been previously accepted, the Hirer can contact The Company directly via the Contact Us page if the Hirer suspects bad faith or other abuse, and can otherwise leave feedback about the Owner.

5. Rental Agreements

5.1 All information concerning rental arrangements provided by The Company on the Website is for information only.

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