The Guidelines have been read and we’re open for Business!

As with most industries, the world of film and production as placed on pause when Corona walked through the doors!

As heart broken as we were to draw the curtains and turn off the lights, we knew that it was for a reason and that we would not be in this state of despair forever. So, at the Sussex Film Office, we have planned and prepped for what a post-covid production would look like. After months of planning, hard work and tuning into the 5PM daily updates… eureka!

We have our plan of action!

Our aim is to ensure that while the world stays thoroughly entertained, all of our production teams stay happy and safe! As a result, there are a few things we have done, to make sure you’ll be safe to film in and around Sussex (lucky you):

  • Guidelines: Our location manager, has received advice and read the guidelines back to front, left to right and is very clear and up to speed with all of the Covid- guidelines.
  • Our ‘Covid Supervisor’: We have a hireable ‘covid supervisor’ that will make sure all of your production crew are safe on set and abiding to the guidelines. Our ‘covid supervisor’ is will be available on shooting days, when and where required.

We have several film friendly locations that will allow you to complete your productions while abiding to guidelines that are open and ready for business.

Our team is also here for any enquiries or concerns you may have please get in contact with us on: or visit our website on: