Exploring our Most Romantic Filming Locations…

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we thought it was only right to showcase our most romantic filming locations! From the rolling hills of the South Downs National Park, to the stunning purple hues of Ashdown Forest, we’ve got you covered…


Worthing has been named among the UK’s ‘most romantic filming locations’. It was “found to be the third location with the highest percentage of romance films” according to Sussex World with 22% of movies filmed here being in the romance genre. One example is ‘Empire of Light’ which we facilitated filming for in The Pavilion Theatre. The film follows cinema workers Hilary (played by Olivia Coleman) and Stephen (played by Michael Ward) who find a sense of belonging in each other in an unlikely relationship, and Worthing was a perfect setting for their relationship to thrive on screen!


Seven Sisters Country Park is nestled along the English Channel and offers a breathtaking backdrop, from the dramatic white cliffs to the stunning rolling hills. The park has hosted a number of films and photo-shoots over the years, one example being ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. The musical-fantasy film directed by Ken Hughes is nearly 50 years old, but it still charms everyone old and young. Seven Sisters features in the famous moment when the car drives off the cliff in the suspenseful moment of ‘will it fly?’, filling the world with hope when it jets off into the sunset – you can’t get more romantic than that!


The Malvern Hills district stretches across parts of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, with some of the most beautiful sights in England. It is an area proud of outstanding natural beauty spots and rich history. Having inspired J.R.R. Tolkein’s ‘Lord of the Rings’, it is no secret that this area is a cinematic gem. Whether it’s the sun’s glow on the hills or the quiet rustle of leaves, the Malvern Hills promises to bring romance alive with its timeless beauty.


The Royal Pavilion stands as a stunning testament to romance, nestled in the heart of Brighton and boasting incredible Indian and Chinese architecture. Combined with the lush gardens, it makes a stunning backdrop for any romance, one example being ‘My Policeman’. Based on the Bethan Roberts novel set in 1950s Brighton and starring Harry Styles & Emma Corrin, much of the film was shot in Sussex. The Pavilion Gardens make for a perfect backdrop to tell the story of Tom and Marion’s growing love.


Located less than 40 miles north from central London, North Hertfordshire hosts some beautiful locations perfect for your next romantic production. The predominantly rural district contains interesting market towns and numerous picturesque villages and hamlets. It’s a gorgeous area that would make for a perfect home for your protagonists as they settle into life together!


Ashdown Forest is a stunning ancient area covering over 10 square miles of tranquil open heathland and deciduous woodland. This jewel in the crown of southern England is constantly changing with the seasons, from the swathes of purple heather in full bloom on a summer’s day, to the blankets of mist in winter, the most perfect location for a budding romance!

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