Birmingham is set to emerge as a prominent hub for top-notch television and film production, thanks to a groundbreaking investment in the establishment of ‘Digbeth Loc. Studios‘. This development not only revitalizes the city’s rich history as a prominent hub for program creation and broadcasting in the UK but also sets a new benchmark for future endeavors in the industry.

Digbeth Loc. Studios Ltd, a partnership between Steven Knight and Piers Read, CEO of TIME+SPACE, will oversee the management of the site. This endeavor has been made possible through £1.3m of City Deal funding, which has been allocated for capital works. The funding has been made available through a unique agreement between Birmingham City Council and Homes England, aimed at maximizing the availability of commercially developable land. The initial funding will serve as a catalyst for additional investments and the implementation of comprehensive development plans to bring the complete studio complex to fruition.

To begin with, the newly upgraded film studios will offer circa 50,000 square feet of studio space with supporting ancillary production offices and onsite workshops. The onsite co-working space ‘1 Minerva Works’ is now open, in anticipation of the main studios opening in early 2024.