1) Money Having a film, TV series or photo shoot shot at your property can generate an extra income without you having to do a lot! Depending on what is being shot at your property you can earn anything from £100 a day to £5,000+ a day.

2) Bragging rights It is so exciting to see your property on the big screen or in a magazine, and you’ll be able to tell all your friends and family to check it out.

3) Support your local area We are trying to make Sussex THE place to film and your property could help to draw filmmakers here. Bringing in film and photo shoots to Sussex will help to boost the local economy as well as making it an exciting place to live.

4) Get behind the scenes Ever wondered what goes into making a film? If your property is chosen you’ll get to find out more about those behind the scenes secrets of film making.

5) Get credited If your property is used in a film you will be included in the credits!

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