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A quicker way to find the ideal photo shoot location

Save time by using FAME Pro to find your next photo shoot location. Send details of the locations you need, and receive a shortlist of relevant options that match your time and budget.

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Why use FAME Pro?

  • Identify, contact and confirm location bookings fast
  • 1000s of photo shoot locations and agencies across the UK
  • Refreshingly efficient customer service from your FAME Pro support team (We do the chasing so you don't have to.)
  • Support with film permit applications
  • A winning combo of real-world industry experience and a purpose-built software platform
  • Free to use

How it works

1 You send us a location request and we'll find you a single location. Or register and send us requests for multiple locations.
2 We take your requirements and contact the managers of potential locations to check availability.
3 Within 36 hours you receive a shortlist of location options with costs and availability confirmed.
4 You arrange a recce, confirm your booking or apply for a permit through your FAME Pro dashboard.

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