Why Should I Register My Property as a Filming Location?

What are filming locations? 

Absolutely anything and everything! With the diversity of the modern filming industry, we receive requests for an incredible range of locations; from small, lived-in residential flats to sprawling castle grounds!

Is my property suitable? 

There is, of course, a lot to consider before registering your property as a filming location; such as parking, space for cast and crew, and keeping your neighbors in mind! However, even if your space is too small for a film crew, it may still be suitable for stills photography and commercial shoots – so don’t let this put you off! Usually, if your property has sufficient space for crew and equipment, and you have parking availability (or parking options nearby) – we would recommend registering!

Why should I consider registering? 

If your property gets selected for filming, it is not only a chance to see it come to life on your screen, but a chance to be involved in the exciting behind the scenes of a production, and even an opportunity to have a well-known face in your home! As well as this, it’s a chance to make money during quieter periods when your property is not in use. FAME Pro works closely with each location owner to ensure that they are paid according to their own terms; covering costs and ensuring a positive experience for all parties! Some lower budget productions or short films are only able to pay small amounts, while commercials or feature films with larger budgets could offer much more – but you always have the option to say yes or no depending on what suits you best.

How do I register? 

Registering your property with FAME Pro is a simple and straightforward process. For no cost, all you need to do is provide a few details about your location on our website and our lovely team will be in touch to ask for images and to set up your listing! Listings are private to our trusted clients, and we will never publish contacts or exact location details. 

How often am I likely to be contacted? 

This is a very hard question for us to answer, as enquiries can vary from hundreds to none. Production companies are constantly filming on location in the UK. We cannot guarantee that your location will be selected, but by registering you are maximising your chances. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from ufs in a while, we are constantly working to showcase your property, and if it does get chosen – we will get in touch with the exciting news immediately!

How do I optimise my location registration?

IMAGES! As well as a brilliant detailed explanation of your property, filmmakers are often looking for images more than anything. We recommend taking high quality photos that best showcase your property. There is no such thing as too many! The more images we can show to an interested location scout, the more likely they are to have confidence in your location, and interest in moving forward with their enquiry. 

More Frequently Asked Questions…

Can I register my property even if I live in it?

Of course! Most of our locations are residential homes

Do I have to add my entire property?

Not at all, you can register a single room, or even a few rooms, without listing your whole property if you would prefer.

My location isn’t very modern/fashionable – can I still register?

Definitely, filmmakers are looking to tell real stories, using anything from empty warehouses to council flats – your property could be exactly what they’re looking for!

I have more questions before I register – what should I do?

Get in touch! Our lovely team works Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm and would love to answer any questions you have. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Email: hello@fame-pro.co.uk 

Call: 01903 905223

Register now: https://fame-pro.com/supplier-registration/